Last Night’s Outfit: Little Black Dress

Recently I attended my very first quinceañera. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a quinceañera is, it is a celebration in the mexican culture for young women’s 15th birthday. The quinceañera marks the coming of age for young girls, representing the passageway to womanhood. This ceremony is one of the most extravagant celebrations in the mexican culture and is filled with honor (for the birthday girl, as well as her family), festive dancing and of course delicious, authentic food.

Another aspect of a quinceañera is the girl celebrating her birthday typically wears a large ball gown, and all of her guests are expected to dress formally. So of course when I was invited to my boyfriend’s cousin’s I immediately needed to get a dress. And I figured, nothing is more classy than a classic black dress.

I have always had a thing for lace, I currently own two other black lace dresses of different styles. Lace is a timeless material and adds dimension to a classic black dress. My favorite aspect of this dress is honestly the sleeves. They give the dress a more conservative appeal which I adore. Sometimes less is more! Another perk of this wonderful dress is the ability to accessorize, I paired it with a simple pair of black pointed toe heels, my new favorite nude purse and a simple pair of gold-plated rhinestone earrings. Although I went for the less flashy route this time, this dress can easily be paired with bright accents such as red heels, or even a sparkling statement necklace.

I want to focus on my purse for a second. I actually picked this specific one up in a resale shop near where I live for about $15, but you can find similar ones in the links below. If you have not yet invested in nude accessories I highly recommend you do so. Nude is the color of times, I have even seen fashion magazines call it the new black. What’s so fun about this color is it isn’t actually one color at all, it’s a whole color family of skin tones. There are more rosy nudes, darker nudes, and of course every shade in between. Accessorizing with nudes is my true go to lately, this purse is the latest addition to my collection but I have also been adoring nude heels, statement necklaces and even bras. (If you do not currently own a nude bra BUY one! And never ever wear a white bra under your whites clothing!)



Black Lace Dress $29.99

Similar Dress $10.00

Similar Shoe $34.94

Similar Nude Wristlet with Tassel $10.00

Similar Earrings $4.90


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