4 Lip Favorites for Fall


Fall is here, I say it again! I love the turning of the season, but my lips never seem to. They become so dry so quickly in the cold weather.¬†Luckily I have found some great products for moisturizing my lips and keeping them soft. All products can be found at your local Walgreens or Target! Here are the top 4 things I’m wearing on my lips this Fall:

Baby Lips 05 Quenched Lip Balm:

I was just beginning to touch the surface of the makeup world when Baby Lips first came out, and I had to have every shade of the new lip balm. Comparing them today to the many other lip products I have tried since, they aren’t really that great. Except for this one. The classic clear balm has been one of my favorite lip products since day one. It has a slight fruity smell and taste to it, and also has 20 SPF for protection from the sun. It’s very moisturizing¬†and perfect to apply over a dryer shade of lipstick.

Rimmel Lipstick 124 Bordeaux:

I very rarely wear anything of color on my lips, but when I do I prefer to do so in the fall and I prefer for it to be a deep shade. I picked this lipstick up just a few weeks ago and have already worn it several times. Its dark red color is perfect for Fall and it lasts for hours! Even when the top coat begins to fade it still leaves a faint stain on your lips. Also compared to other lipsticks I have used it is very moisturizing, I never need a gloss or anything on top!

Chapstick Pumpkin Pie:

The origonal¬†Chapstick brand has always been my go to lip product, and I think this holds true for most people. The classic chapstick is small, inexpensive and high quality. I had to grab the Pumpkin Pie one when I saw it in the store earlier this week, and I love it! It smells just like pumpkin pie and reminds me of Fall. Also if you aren’t a fan of pumpkin check out Chapstick’s Cake Batter, another favorite of mine!

Nivea Lip Butter Cocoa Butter Kiss:

I’ve been wanting to try a lip butter for a while now and I’m so glad this is the one I chose. It smells just like coconut and goes on like literal butter, it is so smooth and moisturizing. If you lips dry out quickly this is the stuff for you! I can’t stop putting it on it just feels and smells so nice!

What are your favorite lip products?




My all time favorites

Since I’m new here and so are you I figured my first (non-D.C.) post should be something to help you get to know me a little better, and what better way to get to know a girl than through her favorite beauty products (and maybe a few other things too)!

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

I have spent what seemed like endless dollars and time searching for the perfect eye liner. Every liner I have tried ends up smeared down  my eye lids after just a few hours of wear, or completely wiped off. But by the end of the day, through watery eyes and sweat, my Stila liner is almost always untouched. My favorite part about this liner, besides the fact it actually stays on my eyes, is how precise the thin felt tip is. You can achieve the thinnest of lines for perfect top liner or elegant wings.

Ulta: $20

Lorac Pro Palette

I have been a Naked girl for a while now, so when a friend of mine showed me her Lorac palette I was naturally a little leery, but also curious. With all the hype around Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes I did not buy the Lorac palette thinking I would love it more than my Nakeds, but I did and I really do. Unlike other shadows I have tried, the shadow in this palette is extremely soft, almost creamy (but it is NOT a cream shadow!). The seemingly dark colors blend out very nicely into much softer tones, and the lighter ones of the bunch are perfect for simple everyday wear. My top favorite shades include: Cream, Champagne, LT Bronz, Pewter and Mauve.

Ulta/Kohl’s: $42

Elf’s Clear Brow and Lash Mascara

If you have wild and bushy eye brows like mine this product will be your savior. I have been using this product consistently in my makeup routine for several years now. Simply brushing the clear mascara through my brows keeps them in place all day, I love it! There are a few downsides I have found throughout my use, but the price keeps me buying. When applying this product always make sure to do it at the end of your routine, or at least after foundation, concealor and powder. If applied before these products small, skin colored, gooey lumps form in your brows.

Target: $2

Redken Frizz Dismiss 

My hair is not curly, it is not wavy, it is not thick, but my hair is extremely frizzy. I have tried pretty much every product I could find that claimed to defrizz my locks, but nothing has worked quite as well as the Redken Frizz Dismiss products have. There is a handful of products to choose from in this defrizzing collection, I currently use the shampoo and conditioner as well as several leave in products. What I like most about this collection is the frizz protection factor (FPF) the leave in products employ. I have products that range from FPF 10 to FPF 40, so on more humid days I choose a higher number, and on sunny days I go for a lower one.

Ulta: Frizz Dismiss Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner $15.99, Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame (40 FPF leave in cream) $22, Frizz Dismiss Instant Deflate (30 FPF leave in oil/gel) $22, Frizz Dismiss Smooth Force (20 FPF leave in spray), Frizz Dismiss Fly-Away Fix (10 FPF finishing sheets) $25

St Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub

I have had pretty nasty acne since I was about nine years old, I have tried various scrubs, washes and cleansers typically still resulting in occasional blemishes. Throughout this time of trying many products I have always held a special place in my heart for this simple scrub. Unlike other washes I love how clean this product makes my skin feel. I love to use it after a run or an extra sweaty day, it really opens up my pores and smells great too! (If used to often it can dry out your skin, so be careful when starting use. I typically use mine every other day!)

Target: $3.36

Other favorites

Despicable Me or Anything Minion: My boyfriend and I bought tickets a week before the Minion movie came out and saw the early showing.

Target: I’ve mentioned Target as my store of choice for several of the products above, well typically it’s my store of choice for everything. 

American Flag Anything: I consider myself to be pretty patriotic and with this I own about six American flag shirts, two pairs of shorts, two hats, a scarf, a purse, a backpack and who knows how many other things.

Sushi: I am a huge eater (but I also weigh 107 lbs so I don’t know how that works). I can list on one hand all the foods I don’t  like, that’s how much I love eating. Sushi is the food group on the top of my list though.