Pins of the Week 10/16/15

I can’t believe it’s already been a whole week since I first started my Pins of the Week series. As I have been laid up quite a bit due to a mild case of bronchitis I naturally spent a lot of time on Pinterest. So here are my favorite pins of this week:


Pin #1: I have always loved the short sleeve sweater over a long sleeve look but have always been afraid to try it for myself! I love the way this specific sweater is paired with the stripes, it adds a whole new dimension to the look. Pin #2: KATE SPADE…do I even have to say more? This is the purse I have been eyeing for the last few months, if only I was willing to fork over the money! Pin #3: I just love this dress so much. It’s so unique. How fun would this be to have in your closet for fall!?


Pin #4: I love squash, but I would never think to have it on pizza! I’m a bit skeptical of this one, but I’m definitely interested in trying it! It looks phenomenal. Pin #5: For some odd reason I have been binge-pinning anything french toast/churro related lately and this happened to be the yummiest looking one of the bunch. Pin #6: I have probably tried the caesar salad at every restaurant within 50 miles, I love them that much. This one looks so delicious with the grilled chicken, toast and the dressing recipe sounds to die for!!


We all need a few words of wisdom now and then, this week these were mine…


With October now in full swing I figured some fall inspired DIY projects would be fit. Pin #10: How cute are those hand warmers!? I may be giving them a try myself! Pin #11: These glitter pumpkins are made with materials from Dollar Tree! Lauren from The Thinking Closet sure made them look much more expensive. #12: A little chalk board paint and a thinly cut log would make such a cute fall sign. I love it!!

What are your favorite DIY’s for fall?




5 ways to pray


Although I haven’t talked much about it yet, I have a very close relationship with God. My Church and my relationship with Him have been a big part of my life since I can remember. But I understand, sometimes it’s hard to pray. It sounds silly, but it’s reality. We all get so wrapped up in life that when we sit down at night we sometimes come up blank, we simply don’t know what to say or how to say it. Here are my top 5 favorite ways to pray when I feel that I am in a rut:

1.) Write it down:

Writing is obviously something I enjoy. I’ve always loved writing but I never really thought of it as a way to pray, until I saw this post from Sadie Robertson. (If you don’t know who she is, look her up! She’s a member of the Duck Dynasty family, but she also models for  Sheri Hill, is becoming an incredible young entrepreneur of her own and also serves as a wonderfully Godly role model for young girls!) In her post Sadie talks about a prayer she had written for her future husband.

2.) Read a verse:

This is something I have actually done for a while now. I like to sit down with my bible and flip to a random page or jump on Pinterest to find a bible verse quote. Once I have one chosen I kind of analyze it for a while. If it’s in my bible I highlight/underline phrases I specifically like and write little thoughts in the margin. Once I finish this I begin to apply it to my own life and pray about it to God.

3.) Draw a picture:

For this one I usually repeat the same process as I do when I read a verse, but I like to throw in an extra step and doodle a little. I grab my favorite Papermate Flair markers and write the verse in fun handwriting, sometimes I add fun patterns of dots and lines, even doodle some flowers! Check out my God is Good board on Pinterest for inspiration.

4.) Pray with a friend/family member:

Praying with other people can be a very rewarding experience. Even if it’s as simple as reciting a scripted prayer. Pray together before a meal, before bed, or before travelling away from one another. Build your relationship with God with the people you love, build a Godly relationship together!

5.) Have a conversation with God:

I think we all kind of get in this mindset that when we speak to God we have to use big formal language like we see our pastors or preachers do in church. That isn’t necessarily the way to do it. God is your friend, your family and your father, speak to him as you would when consoling with a friend or family member. Cast your troubles, fears, thanks and happiness upon him as you would in your normal speech.

What is your favorite way to pray?



Pins of the Week 10/10/15

Since I started this blog I have been trying very hard to keep up with my posts and I have found that it is more difficult than it seems. But at the start of this week I dedicated myself to posting daily. I’ve been planning posts ahead of time, organizing them in a notebook and brainstorming constantly. I am so dedicated to this site and my readers, but sometimes life throws a curveball and that dedication becomes difficult to uphold. These last two days specifically have caused this. The internet at my house has not been working and on top of that I have been very sick, but I love building this blog and I plan to continue to do so. I won’t give up.

But onto the actual purpose of this post…I have said it before and I will say it again, I love Pinterest. It is my go to site for pretty much everything, I always find ideas for outfits, recipes for meals and inspiration for life in general. I pretty much spend all my free time scrolling through my feed, so I thought it would be appropriate and fun to share some of my favorite pins each week (considering many times they inspire ideas for this blog). If you aren’t on Pinterest already I recommend setting up an account! Also, follow me! My username is shannonmgilkey.


Pin #1: I love the mix of neutral colors in this outfit along with the booties and hat. Booties are the IN thing this fall and I can’t wait to own a pair in every color! Pin #2 isn’t necessarily full-blown Fall, actually I would classify it as more of a wintery dress, but I adore the scalloped bottom. Pin #3 is my favorite, I’ve been dying to have a scarf in that exact color combination and the color combo of this entire outfit is great.


Pin #4 is a recipe for Parmesan zucchini chips, which sound delicious! Pin #5 is a Mexican Corn Dip and is actually from the same site as #4. Check out: for tons of mouth-watering recipes! Pin #6 is Spaghetti Squash with bacon, spinach and goat cheese. Anything with goat cheese, bacon, or spinach always catches my eye and this recipe looks phenomenal.


Another reason (among many) why I love Pinterest is the inspirational words of wisdom plastered throughout the site. Sometimes we all need a little pick-me-up, these quotes were mine for the week.


Pin #10 is obviously appropriate for the season, how fun are these painted pumpkins? Sara from SincerelySarad gives an awesome tutorial on painting pumpkins! Check it out in the link. #11 simply served as inspiration for a future gallery wall project, and #12 helped in the creation of my tutorial on DIY sharpie mugs! Check it out: DIY Shaprie Mug

Lady Antebellum Concert

First of all I want to apologize for my absence this week. I just started school and my life has been crazy! But from now on I will be posting a lot more, I have some fun DIY posts planned so be on the look out for those in the coming week.

Anyway, last weekend I went to the Lady Antebellum with Hunter Hayes and Sam Hunt at Tinley Park in Chicago, and I was completely blown away. My best friend and I actually purchased the tickets minutes after they went on sale so we were able to get pit tickets for an extremely good price. We left the house hours before the gates opened for parking and waiting in line on the side of the road and ended up getting 2nd row!! My excitement was unreal and their talent was even more unreal.

There were tons of memorable moments from that night, of course there was this nasty girl behind me who insisted on pushing me to try to jump on stage for Sam Hunt. (Some people these days have no self-control or manners…) But besides that I cried during Hunter Hayes’ performance and again when Lady A came out for a second encore to sing “Landslide” by The Dixie Chicks (AKA: my favorite song since I was 7). But the most amazing and memorable moment was when Charles got off stage to huge a beautiful girl with down syndrome standing next to us celebrating her sweet sixteen. The link to the video on my twitter is below! (*Warning: It may make you tear up a little!)



Charles hugs girl celebrating sweet 16