Today’s Outfit: Blanket Scarves

A short message on my blogging absence:

Needless to say it’s been a while. When I started this blog I was one of those girls who “wasn’t going to fall into blogging ruts.” I have so many ideas, so many new blog topics bubbling in my brain in a daily basis, how could I go days or weeks without posting? I was so nieve. I have so much respect for the many bloggers I follow who post on a daily basis with marvelous photos and flawless text, how do they have the time? And honestly, how do they have the motivation? I think I lost a little bit of myself in the first weeks, maybe months I began scratching the surface of the blogging world. I want to have a blog like her or her or her I would tell myself, and in that I started to forget why I started blogging in the first place.

I started blogging to express myself and share my life with others to hopefully benefit them in some way or another. But right now, looking at what I have accomplished so far I’m not sure to what extent I have done that. So here comes another change, I’m going to try to focus on making my posts a little more me. I know I can still get there someday, so don’t give up on me yet. Those million blogging ideas in my brain, they are still there and I am going to write about them all.

Before I mention anything about myself, my day or my outfit I want to take a moment to address the series of attacks in Paris this evening. My heart is broken as I read the latest statistics reporting that well over 100 people have been killed in the attacks. Social media is blowing up with the hashtags #PrayforParis and #PeaceforParis. Please take a moment to send the citizens of Paris your thoughts and prayers in this horrific time and also to thank God for the many blessings of life. In the midst of such heartbreaking events I can’t help but think about how completely blessed I am.  In the wise words of Albert Einstein: “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

For me personally today was a wonderful day. Yes, I know it is Friday the 13th, the oh-so-spooky superstitious day known for horrible things, but my day was great despite the clouded skies and chilly breeze. I spent my evening out with my boyfriend getting sushi at my favorite restaurant, singing in the car to extremely loud rap songs and finally coming home to my warm bed feeling so blessed.

My outfit today I feel reflected this mood. I simply wore a light wash pair of skinny jeans with my new knee high boots, a warm white sweater and of course my new, most favorite blanket scarf ever. I’m completely obsessed with the blanket scarf fad and can’t wait to purchase more in every plaid color combination possible! They keep me so warm and cozy, plus can be worn many many different ways. They are the perfect piece for this chilly season.

What made you feel blessed today?


IMG_1350 IMG_1354 IMG_1352 CTu1s_tUEAEj1qn.jpg-large


Todays Outfit: Fall colors

Actually this outfit was from earlier this week. Who knew keeping up with school, work, a social life and a blog would be so time-consuming? Life gets so busy sometimes it’s unreal. I’ve been trying hard to keep up with everything and I’m learning it’s impossible. Before I talk about my outfit I just wanted to talk a little about handling my crazy life and some of my little ways to lessen the stress!

I will be honest I am not a very organized person. My room is almost always a mess and my mind matches. With all the things I have been doing lately I have had to make my mind at least a little more organized, here are a few of my tips:

Use a planner: My planner is my life. I write everything down in it, literally everything and I look through it every night to make sure it all gets done. There are so many cute ones in so many different formats and sizes, I purchased mine for about $8 at Target but Lilly Pulitzer has the cutest ones around.

Sticky note it: Along with my planner I always carry a pack of sticky notes in my bag. You can write extra little reminders to put inside your planner, or to stick where you will see them (on your bathroom mirror, in your car, on your desk).

Carry a BAG not a purse: Being constantly on the go I have found that those cute little cross bodies are not for me, I can never fit everything I need. Carrying a larger purse or bag allows room for everything and room to keep those little extras always in your purse (i.e.: gum, pain killers, extra makeup bag, planner, etc).

Onto my outfit! Fall is among us and so is fall fashion. I picked up this dress from Forever 21 earlier this week and fell instantly in love with its color and its material. This style of dress has been popping up everywhere and so have the booties, which I am obsessed with by the way. I got this pair at (where else…) Target for around $35. For heels they are easy to walk in and comfortable.

Enjoy the Autumn weather!

See you soon.



Target Booties

Forever 21 Thermal Dress

Similar Necklace

Today’s Outfit: Back in Black

As August comes to an end summer is beginning to wind down here in Illinois, meaning one thing for me: fall clothes! Fall is my favorite season of the year and with the cloudy skies today it was the perfect time to dress for the season. I spent the day shopping with a friend and eating the best store-bought gelato on the market. Seriously, I am now obsessed with talenti gelato, the Coffee Chocolate Chip one is to die for! (TRY IT!)

Pretty much everything I wore today I have had in my closet for quite a while, the jeans are a pair I’ve been wearing for over a year now from Hollister. Don’t be afraid to re-wear clothing you have had for a while, I don’t know about you, but I don’t spend $30 on a shirt to wear it once or twice! Make the most out of the things you already have in your closet, you’ll be amazed by the fun outfits you can create.

The t-shirt I’m wearing is just a cheapie I picked up a while ago from Target, and the cardigan is from H&M. I can’t stress enough to invest in basics! A mistake that we all make is purchasing too many articles of print, or pieces that are not very versatile. Invest in a couple of plain tees, sweaters and tanks. Basic, plain colored clothing items are essential to any outfit and easily accessorize.

The booties I wore today are actually a pair from last winter, I picked them up at Kohls during a sale at the end of the fall season. They have been one of my favorite items in my closet since. My bag is the only new item from my outfit today, I purchased it last week from (where else) Target on clearance for about $14. I finished my outfit off with my gold-plated black statement necklace. I’ve had it stashed away for a while now, it’s so versatile and I absolutely love it.

I just want to quickly mention my hair today; I tried something new. I’ve been seeing tons of girls wearing a little half bun lately and I’ve been wanting to try it. After a few tries I think I have the do mastered. It’s quick, easy and probably my go to hairstyle from now on!

Happy Sunday everyone.



Similar black tee


Dark wash skinny jeans

Similar booties #1

Similar booties #2

Similar necklace with earrings and bracelet

Black tote

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Last Night’s Outfit: Little Black Dress

Recently I attended my very first quinceañera. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a quinceañera is, it is a celebration in the mexican culture for young women’s 15th birthday. The quinceañera marks the coming of age for young girls, representing the passageway to womanhood. This ceremony is one of the most extravagant celebrations in the mexican culture and is filled with honor (for the birthday girl, as well as her family), festive dancing and of course delicious, authentic food.

Another aspect of a quinceañera is the girl celebrating her birthday typically wears a large ball gown, and all of her guests are expected to dress formally. So of course when I was invited to my boyfriend’s cousin’s I immediately needed to get a dress. And I figured, nothing is more classy than a classic black dress.

I have always had a thing for lace, I currently own two other black lace dresses of different styles. Lace is a timeless material and adds dimension to a classic black dress. My favorite aspect of this dress is honestly the sleeves. They give the dress a more conservative appeal which I adore. Sometimes less is more! Another perk of this wonderful dress is the ability to accessorize, I paired it with a simple pair of black pointed toe heels, my new favorite nude purse and a simple pair of gold-plated rhinestone earrings. Although I went for the less flashy route this time, this dress can easily be paired with bright accents such as red heels, or even a sparkling statement necklace.

I want to focus on my purse for a second. I actually picked this specific one up in a resale shop near where I live for about $15, but you can find similar ones in the links below. If you have not yet invested in nude accessories I highly recommend you do so. Nude is the color of times, I have even seen fashion magazines call it the new black. What’s so fun about this color is it isn’t actually one color at all, it’s a whole color family of skin tones. There are more rosy nudes, darker nudes, and of course every shade in between. Accessorizing with nudes is my true go to lately, this purse is the latest addition to my collection but I have also been adoring nude heels, statement necklaces and even bras. (If you do not currently own a nude bra BUY one! And never ever wear a white bra under your whites clothing!)



Black Lace Dress $29.99

Similar Dress $10.00

Similar Shoe $34.94

Similar Nude Wristlet with Tassel $10.00

Similar Earrings $4.90

Today’s Outfit: Baseball Tee Dress

This summer I have found that there is nothing I love more than dresses. Especially comfortable, cotton, easy to wear, easy to wash dresses. So when I saw this dress walking into Forever 21 earlier this week I had to have it. My love for baseball tees also fueled my fire in making this purchase, but the best part, it was only $12.

T-shirt dresses are arguably one of the biggest trends this summer. And I love them, I love that you can wear them casually or dress them up, I love the way they look with heels or sneakers, I love love love everything about them, except they don’t love me. Every t-shirt dress I have tried on has completely eaten my petite figure, and yes, I know they are supposed to be loose, but they are also supposed to be flattering, and on me they are not.The cinched waist of this dress was exactly what I needed to achieve the t-shirt dress trend.

P.S. Can we talk about converse for a moment? I really love converse. They are such a versatile, not to mention comfortable shoe. Despite this I also typically do not find it appropriate to pair any dress with any type of sneaker, but for this dress it worked. A little sporty, a little chic.



Baseball Tee Dress $12

Classic White Converse $50

Similar Target Sunglasses $14.99